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1 year old to 6 year old

School Hour

● Kindergarten 8:40 –13:45

● Morning daycare 7:00-8:40​

● After school daycare 13:45-18:00


● Enrollment
● Tuition
● School uniforms
● Books and materials
● School Bus fee (Optional)
● School Lunch (Optional)

Additional Services

● Healthy Lunch

● Door to Door School bus
● Morning Daycare
●After School Day care


The school's designated polo shirts are available in red, blue, and yellow. Children wear the school polo to school. In winter, a green sweatshirt is worn over the polo shirt. When playing in the yard, children wear the school's hat. Pants or skirts are optional.

School Supplies

If you have the school supplies they were using in the former kindergarten or daycare, you can continue using them. Make sure that the name is written down on all of their belongings. For the textbooks, please write down the name on the book cover. In addition, please don’t send things that are unnecessary for the classes or the school.  If you forget to bring something, that item will be lent by the kindergarten. Please return them to us within 3 days after washing.

What to bring every day

  • Backpack
    It is recommended to bring a backpack, so that their hands are free. It is preferable to have something that can fit in your locker. Students are instructed to place their belongings on their lap on the school bus. Please be aware that key chains are often lost on the school bus and in the school.
  • Water bottle
    Please put water or tea in the bottle, no juice. Because of the heat in spring and summer, we recommend sending an extra bottle of water.
  • Handkerchief
    It will be required to keep them in their pockets for children from K1 and older. Toddler students can keep them in their backpacks. Please put it in the pocket of their pants every day. In addition, please write down their name on it in case they drop it. If there isn’t any pocket on the clothes, use a fanny pack with clips.

  • Lunch bag
    One that children can open by themselves.

  • Lunch box
    One that children can open by themselves. Send the amount of food that your child can eat, so they can finish it all. This doesn't apply if your kid is having the school lunch service.

  • Cutlery
    We recommend that K3 children use chopsticks. If your kid is having school lunch, it is necessary for them to bring a fork, knife and spoon depending on the day's menu.

  • Luncheon mat
    As children often drop food on the table, please bring a placemat every day due to hygienic reasons. You can send a big handkerchief or cloth. As we do with the cutlery, children who are having school lunch need to bring their placemats every day.

  • Bib
    Needed for toddler students.

  • Sunscreen and Bug repellent
    If necessary, please apply it at home.

  • Snacks
    When you use afternoon day-care, please send one which does not need refrigeration. In addition, please send only the amount of food your kid can finish.

Belongings that stay at school

  • Change of clothes
    Please put shirts, pants, underwear, socks, and a plastic bag to put dirty clothes, (if he/she is in the toilet training, please bring shoes too) all together in a big bag. Each piece of clothes needs to have a name. The children in K1 to K3 need 1 set and in the toddler, need 2 sets. Please write down their name also on the big bag. They will take it home every three months.

  • Diaper and wipes
    Only for the child who is using diapers. Please bring a bag of diapers to stay at the kindergarten. 

  • Cap (part of uniform)
    The cap stays at school on weekdays and goes home to wash every Friday.

  • Art gown
    One that your child can put on himself. We'll send it whenever it gets dirty. Please send it clean the next day. Can be worn with or without sleeves.

  • Crayons
    K1 to K3 students.

  • Pencil case
    K1 to K3 students. Please prepare 3 pencils and an eraser. Triangle pencils are easier to grip. It is recommendable to send a 4B pencil.

  • Scissors
    K1 to K3 students. Please send one whose edges are round and easy to grip. For the left-handed children, send a left-handed pair of scissors. Due to safety reasons, do not allow toddler children to carry them unless instructed otherwise.

  • Glue
    K1 to K3 students. Please send a starch paste or glue stick, no liquid glue.

  • Colored pencils
    K1 to K3 students.

  • Toothbrush and plastic cup
    Please bring both of them. We recommend a cup with a handle. We will send them each Friday, please send a bag so children can put the toothbrush and a cup. Name on the toothbrush and cup are easily erased, for this please make sure their name is on them every weekend. During the shortened period of the daycare for COVID-19, they are not being used.

  • Textbooks, Art Block and Folder
    In MLS, we do not assign homework. We believe that it is important for children to learn with their bodies and minds during the kindergarten years, not just sitting at a desk. We encourage you to spend time at home helping and discussing the day's events as a family.

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