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After School Program

My Little Sunshineアフタースクールプログラムは、小・中学生を対象とした学童クラブです。



● Elementary students
● Junior high students


Monday to Friday 14:00〜18:00
Join us from 1 day

More information

  Japanese teacher will be teaching
 There are many textbooks and books for students to study
There is large playground
Through playing and studying, we will grow students' autonomy, sociality and creativity.
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What we can help kids with

Homework support
Gap of the old school and the new one
Preparation for examinations

Private Lesson

We offer these private lessons.
 Japanese for Japanese speaker students
Japanese for non-Japanese speaker students
English for EIKEN test / TOEIC / TOEFL
Spanish for non-Spanish speaker students
Kick Boxing
Muay Thai
Art of Self-defence
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Courses during long holidays

Courses during long holidays
Let's spend half a day in an English speaking environment!
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