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We as parents don’t speak English / Japanese at all. Can our kids enter the kindergarten?

There is no problem. We have Spanish / Japanese / English speaker staff.



The school letters are written in English?

We make same letters in English, Spanish and Japanese. Parents can write documents in any of these languages too.


I am worried that learning three languages from infancy confuses my child. I am worried when he gets older he will not speak any of them.

Several studies have shown that children have the ability to learn languages simultaneously. And the younger they start acquiring languages the better. Children’ brains are like little sponges, they absorb knowledge better at an early age. Actually, we have staff members who learned English and Spanish at the same time in their childhood.


Since my child has a Japanese dad and a Mexican mom, we speak both Japanese and Spanish at home. Will it be too hard for my kid to learn English too?

Absolutely not. Children have infinite ability. It will not be too hard for them, on the contrary, it is recommended.


How much will you support my kid when it comes to his / her mother tongue?

The children spend all day immerse in an English environment, except for Japanese / Spanish classes.However soon after their arrival in Mexico, kids might feel anxious in the kindergarten. We might talk to them so that they can feel safe at kindergarten. Sometimes we have to talk to the kids in their first language for example when they have trouble with friends or when we need to tell something important to them. 



How many teachers will be in the classroom? Do the teachers have licenses/ credentials?

An English speaker teacher and an assistant teacher will be in the classroom. All of the main teachers are certificated.​


How do the children learn English?

Our program is an immersion program. In an immersion program: we don’t teach English. We teach subjects in English. All subjects (Math, P.E., Music, Arts) will be taught in English. Kids will acquire English through fun activities.


How can the parents know about the kids’ school life?

Follow us on Facebook, Check our Facebook page. We also write school letters regularly and during the year we will hold different events on which you will be invited to participate with us.​


Do the parents need to teach English at home too?

Teaching English at home is not necessary. Our kids learn enough English at the kindergarten. Besides, it is important to talk to them in their mother tongue at home.
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