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My Little Sunshine is the international kindergarten for all children that live in Aguascalientes.
No matter where they come from children can feel safe and get along with friends well.
Since all childcare is provided in English and there is a Japanese language time
Children from Japan and English-speaking countries and
We look forward to welcoming your child's interest in them!
Our Vision Of The Student
Future leader of the world  
● One who can try hard    
One who dreams  
● One who has good manner
One who has a compassionate heart
One cherishes a smile

Open playground

MLS will carry out “open playground” as part of childcare, support children living in and around Aguascalientes. Please feel free to join us please.

Why MLS?



All subjects are taught in English. (except for Japanese and Spanish class)

Native speakers or teachers certified by Cambridge University.

Innovative Phonics Method provides kids with the ability to read before they graduate.


Native Japanese teacher.

Students learn Japanese through playing.

Students learn about Japanese culture.


We divide the kids into groups in order for Spanish speakers to study at their own pace.

Native Spanish teacher

● Reading-Writing Activities

Immersion Program

The kids will acquire the 3 languages through our tailor made activities.

Our teachers are native, experienced and certified.

The kids will listen to genuine language and culture.

Children won’t only study language, They will live it.

Healthy Lunch

Healthy lunch will be provided every day (Optional)

Meals will be prepared at the kindergarten.


● The kids will be cared for from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

● Daycare per day

● 3 different Daycare options available for you.

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Contents of the classes


Students work in textbooks which contain a variety of activities like learning vocabulary, tracing, pasting, and coloring. They also are introduced to English alphabet and work on tracing letters and learning phonics through videos, worksheets and books. Students are encouraged to learn basic commands and responses in English to communicate with others. 


All activities taught in English are also taught in Spanish. In this manner, students can learn the meaning of topics in both languages. Students are encouraged to learn basic commands and responses in Spanish. They also are introduced to topics related to Mexico so they can become more culturally aware of the country they live in. 


Students can learn Japanese and Japanese culture through  nursery rhymes, reading and playing traditional games such as carta. Children who are not native speakers of Japanese learn Japanese through their lives in MLS in the same way they learn their native language. Students are encouraged to read Hiragana and write their names by graduation.


Students have art class twice a week. In this class they learn how to properly hold and color with crayons and colored pencils. They also learn scissor skills, the correct way to use glue, and work with paint brushes using the correct techniques needed. Art works vary but can be related to their weekly topics that can help reinforce the material or they can be unique ideas that help them explore and expand their focus and creativity. 


Students learn beat, rhythm, coordination in music class through a variety of videos and songs. They also use school instruments such as castanets, bells, and tambourines to practice these skills. 


Students work in their fine and gross motor development through a variety of activities that include but are not limited to circuits, games, and obstacle courses. They learn about team work, leadership, and discipline. 


Students work in a textbook. This book incorporates shapes, colors, and numbers with different activities helping students work on fine motor skills like coloring and finger print painting. Students also learn different prepositions that help them identify position of objects. They also use tools like abacus to learn how to count. Students learn how to be aware of shapes, colors, and numbers in their surroundings. 
Every language is taught by a native speakers.
Classes except for Spanish and Japanese classes are in English.
Contents of the classes
Massage from our leader

​Massage from our leader

 We want to create a kindergarten where children from all over the world can attend with a smile. With this in mind, I founded the MLS.


 Aguascalientes, located in the central highlands of Mexico, is a town that has been greatly developed by the advance of automobile-related companies, and there are many Japanese expatriates living here.

 Many families moving to the country will be sending their pre-school children to a kindergarten or preschool. The language of the local kindergarten is Spanish or English. Many children who move to a new country are confused by the language barrier. There are also many parents who wish to ensure that their children have time to learn Japanese language and culture before they start school in Japan or a Japanese school.


 MLS is an international school where children of Japanese origin come to school every day with smile. At MLS, children come to school every day with energy and enthusiasm, and are greeted with "Ohayo", "Thank you! Children from Mexico, Japan, America, China, Thailand, Indonesia, etc... come to MLS to play with smiles on their faces using their common language. Language is just a way to get along with friends and teachers.

Missions of My Little Sunshine

 To provide an environment where Japanese and Mexican children can go to the school without any worries and where children from any country can get along with each other.

 While childcare is provided in English, there is time every day for children to learn both their mother tongue and English, the international language.

 Open the school as an after-school program for elementary and junior high school students, providing a place where they can gather at any time to do their homework and play.

We hope that the children who grew up in the International Kindergarten and After School program "My Little Sunshine" will become a bridge to connect the world.

Principal 平野梓/Azusa Hirano

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