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MLS Art Project 2018-2019


Our school (K2&K3)

Primary colors and Secondary colors (K1)

Paper Plate Elephant (Toddler)

Primary Colors Triangles (K1)

Yarn Painting (K2&K3)

Feliz día del abuelo (Toddler)

Feliz día del abuelo (K1)

Feliz día del abuelo (K2&K3)

Yarn Painting (Toddlers)

Little Grandpa (K1)

Summer (K2&K3)


Abstract Painting (Toddler)

Hand Rainbow (K2&K3)

Secondary Colors (K1)

Under the sea (toddlers)

My Cubism Face (K2&K3)

Tigre hecho con figuras (K1)

Thank you letter (Toddlers)

Rainy Days (K2&K3)

Salvadorian Independence Day (K1)

Mexican Independence Day (K2&K3)

Mexican Independence Day (Toddler)

Rainy Days (Toddler)

Puzzle Flower (K1)


Kandinsky (K2&K3)

The caterpillar (Toddler)

El bote de las figuras (K1)

Corrugated Cardboard Painting (Toddler)

Leaf Painting (K2&K3)

Crepe Paper Tree (K1)

Árbol de otoño (Toddler)

Vuvuzela de Papel Crepe (K1)

Paper Plate Jerry Fish (Toddler)

Autumn Maple Leaves (K1)

Dance of light (K2&K3)

Finger Painting (Toddler)

Hand Print Skelton (K2&K3)

Números (Toddler)

Handprint Skelton (K2&K3)

Handprint Ghost (Toddler)

Handprint Vampire (K2&K3)

Frankenstein's Face (K1)

Handprint Owl (Toddler)

Jack-o'-Lantern 🎃(Toddler)

Haunted House (K1)

Cubism Frankie (K2&K3)

Happy Halloween (Toddler)

Haunted House Drawing (K2&K3)

Can Ghost (Toddler)

Grave yard (K1)


Finger Paintings (Toddler)

Christmas Tree Decoration (K2&K3)

Candy Cane (K2&K3)

Santa's sleigh and Reindeer (Toddler)

Origami Maple Leaf (K2&K3)

Frosty the Snowman (K1)

Snowman (K2&K3)

Christmas Angle (K1)

Christmas Tree (K1)

Gingerbread man (Toddler)

Reindeer (K2&K3)

Santa Hat (Toddler)

Christmas Lights (K2&K3)

Xmas Tree (K2&K3)

Christmas Ornament (Toddlers)


Winter Break (K2&K3)

Drop Stamp (Toddler)

Racing Car (K1)

Bear face (Toddler)


Family (K1)

Snowy Winter Landscape (K2&K3)

Watermelon (Toddler)



Seasons of the year (Toddler)

Coloring Exercise (K1)

Setsubun (Toddler)

Setsubun (K1)

Setsubun (K2&K3)

Paper Mosaic (K1)

Cosmic Space (Toddler)

Pastel Glue Chalk(K2&K3)

Glitter binoculars (Toddler)


Happy Valentine's Day (Toddler)

Writing a letter to our friend. We will miss you!(K2&K3)

Happy Valentine's Day (k1)

Origami Pikachu(K2&K3)