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MLS Art Project 2018-2019


Our school (K2&K3)

Primary colors and Secondary colors (K1)

Paper Plate Elephant (Toddler)

Primary Colors Triangles (K1)

Yarn Painting (K2&K3)

Feliz día del abuelo (Toddler)

Feliz día del abuelo (K1)

Feliz día del abuelo (K2&K3)

Yarn Painting (Toddlers)

Little Grandpa (K1)

Summer (K2&K3)


Abstract Painting (Toddler)

Hand Rainbow (K2&K3)

Secondary Colors (K1)

Under the sea (toddlers)

My Cubism Face (K2&K3)

Tigre hecho con figuras (K1)

Thank you letter (Toddlers)

Rainy Days (K2&K3)

Salvadorian Independence Day (K1)

Mexican Independence Day (K2&K3)

Mexican Independence Day (Toddler)

Rainy Days (Toddler)

Puzzle Flower (K1)


Kandinsky (K2&K3)

The caterpillar (Toddler)

El bote de las figuras (K1)

Corrugated Cardboard Painting (Toddler)

Leaf Painting (K2&K3)

Crepe Paper Tree (K1)

Árbol de otoño (Toddler)

Vuvuzela de Papel Crepe (K1)

Paper Plate Jerry Fish (Toddler)

Autumn Maple Leaves (K1)

Dance of light (K2&K3)

Finger Painting (Toddler)

Hand Print Skelton (K2&K3)

Números (Toddler)

Handprint Skelton (K2&K3)

Handprint Ghost (Toddler)

Handprint Vampire (K2&K3)

Frankenstein's Face (K1)

Handprint Owl (Toddler)

Jack-o'-Lantern 🎃(Toddler)

Haunted House (K1)

Cubism Frankie (K2&K3)

Happy Halloween (Toddler)

Haunted House Drawing (K2&K3)

Can Ghost (Toddler)

Grave yard (K1)


Finger Paintings (Toddler)

Christmas Tree Decoration (K2&K3)

Candy Cane (K2&K3)

Santa's sleigh and Reindeer (Toddler)

Origami Maple Leaf (K2&K3)

Frosty the Snowman (K1)

Snowman (K2&K3)

Christmas Angle (K1)

Christmas Tree (K1)

Gingerbread man (Toddler)

Reindeer (K2&K3)

Santa Hat (Toddler)

Christmas Lights (K2&K3)

Xmas Tree (K2&K3)

Christmas Ornament (Toddlers)


Winter Break (K2&K3)

Drop Stamp (Toddler)

Racing Car (K1)

Bear face (Toddler)


Family (K1)

Snowy Winter Landscape (K2&K3)

Watermelon (Toddler)



Seasons of the year (Toddler)

Coloring Exercise (K1)

Setsubun (Toddler)

Setsubun (K1)

Setsubun (K2&K3)

Paper Mosaic (K1)

Cosmic Space (Toddler)

Pastel Glue Chalk(K2&K3)

Glitter binoculars (Toddler)


Happy Valentine's Day (Toddler)

Writing a letter to our friend. We will miss you!(K2&K3)

Happy Valentine's Day (k1)

Origami Pikachu(K2&K3)

ABC Finger Print (Toddler)

Paper Shell (K1)

Hand painting (toddlers)

Doll's Festival (K2&K3)

Colors (toddlers)

Paper River (K1)

Paper mosaic (K1)

Paper Tree (toddler)

Big and Small circles (K2&K3)

Paper plate birds (Toddlers)

Coloring inside the lines (K1)

Rainbow (K1&K2)

Handprint Flowers (Toddler)

Spider fork painting (Toddler)

Spring landscape (K2)

Lucky clover (K1)

Cotton bud painting (toddlers)

Cherry Blossom(K3)

Sunset (Toddler)

Koinobori Drawing (K2)

Paper bag Koinobori (K2)

Milk carton Koinobori (Toddler)

Koinobori (K1)

Mother's Day Present (K1&K2)


Origami Penguin

Dog (Toddler)


The Very Hungry Caterpillar (Toddler)

Rainy Days (Toddlers)

Cloudy with a chance of rainbow (K1&K2)

Father's Day Project

Sponge Painting (Toddler)

Paper Plate Flower (Toddler)

Matisse Cut-Outs (K2)

Big mountain (K1)

Splash painting (toddler)

Miró (K2)