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MLS Art Project January-March

K2 & K3 Starry Night Sky

K2 & K3 Wintry Trees

Baby club & K1 Balloon stamp

Baby Club & K1 Bubble Wrap Stamp

K2 & K3 Optical Design

K2 &K3 Happy Valentine's Day

K2 & K3 Joan Miró

Baby club & K1 Finger Painting

Día de la bandera

K2&K3 Henri Matisse The Cut-Outs

K2 & K3 Swipe Painting We mixed 5 dirrefent colors of acrylic paint. 5色の絵の具をヘラで伸ばしてだんだん色が混じりあう様子を楽しみました。 Mezclamos 5 colores differentes de pintura acrilica.

K2 & K3 Rainbow hand

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