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Voice of parents


All in all, the language has been enriched!

Mr. S's family (children's age: K3)

​ My daughter loves English, so I was interested in MLS, where all the childcare is in English.
Also, after living at the local kindergarten for a year, we both struggled with the amount of homework and the language barrier.
 I like the fact that there are many opportunities to interact with nature at MLS, such as finding bugs in the garden and eating pomegranates that she picked herself, which is not often possible at kindergartens in Mexico.
 Both the Japanese teachers and the homeroom teachers speak from the children's point of view.
One day she was at home and asked if there was anything I could do to help. and helped me with the laundry, so I wondered what was wrong with her and she seemed to have been taught about the importance of helping in kindergarten. 
When kindergarten is off, "I can't wait to go to kindergarten! and she can't wait to go to MLS.
 She live in English every day and her English pronunciation has become very good. Not only in English, but also in Spanish and Japanese, her language has become richer. Her Japanese has become so polite that we, as parents, feel compelled to learn from her.
 She can't read the clock correctly yet, but she is trying to look at the clock and say, "It's almost time for It is now. "

The teachers are always smiling and meticulous in their care.

Mr. I's family (Child's age: 2 years old)

 I was worried that just playing with my parents at home wouldn't help my kids develop their social skills.
At the same time, she was still small and I wasn't comfortable leaving her at the daycare every day.
After talking to the teachers, they offered a baby class and we decided to enroll her in the nursery.
 I felt that the teachers were very cheerful and always had a smile on their face, and that they took great care in taking care of my child. The school is very flexible and responsive to the various requests of parents. They have been very helpful and flexible in responding to the various requests of parents.
 He entered the school with almost no speech, but his speech has increased significantly through interaction with his friends and teachers. I was surprised that he was able to speak not only Japanese but also Spanish and English. I am amazed that he can speak not only Japanese but also Spanish and English.
 We were served a delicious lunch and I was able to eat foods I didn't like. I am grateful that he not only seasoned the food, but also made an effort to cut the ingredients in different ways.

I was also attracted to the fact that my child could learn Japanese language and culture.

Mr. M's family (children's age: K3)

​ My child wanted to go to MLS and I enrolled him in the school. I was attracted to the fact that the school has a good reputation as a place where children can learn Japanese language and culture in addition to the fact that it has a good reputation as a school.

 I like the fact that the school is homey and the teachers pay close attention to the children. If my child has problems, I can communicate with the teacher in Japanese, so my child is very happy. I feel comfortable with the school. Because there is no language barrier, it is easy to share what is going on at home and at the kindergarten with the teachers and it is less stressful for parents. Less.

 I can read hiragana and katakana smoothly and read the clock through Japanese time. It's becoming more and more like that. We also have a lot of vertical division time, so we are able to take care of our younger friends better.

 He recently moved up to elementary school and continues to come to MLS to learn English from Ms. Lilly. 

Just like in Japanese kindergartens, they will prepare you for entering elementary school.

Mr. K's family (children's age: K3)

 I liked the policy of the school and my child wanted to go and decided to enroll in the school. Since I had just come to Mexico, the Japanese teacher, Ms. Hirano, was very reassuring.

 I like the fact that my child can spend a day in English and the school will prepare him/her for elementary school just like a Japanese kindergarten.

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After school

They can now concentrate on my homework.

Mr. T's family (children's ages: 1st and 3rd grade)

 They started attending because they wanted to. It's harder to find time and places to play with friends after school in Ags than in Japan.MLS I like the fact that everyone can do their homework and play together, regardless of grade or gender. They focus on their homework and finish it, and it helps me a lot because they do their homework as much as they can. It's a very fun game. They have a lot of fun with lots of big brothers and sisters playing with them.

They can balance learning and play.

Mr. U's family (Children age: 5th grade, 1st grade)

 I like the fact that MLS allows them to balance learning and play, and at MLS, their kindergarten friends ,they also play together, so I can see how children treat younger children kindly, which I never saw at school. I could see it.

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After school
Private lesson

Private lesson

grades are up.

Mr. M's family (Child's age: 3rd grade)

 At MLS, there is an environment for learning, and they don't end up talking to their friends when they go to school together. they study hard and come back to school. In the class, Teachers teach them everything they don't understand in a way that is easy to understand, so they can get better grades in subjects they was weak in. It has gone up. Even if they stumbled, they was able to ask their teachers for help, which gave them confidence and allowed them to concentrate on I think they're ready to learn.

They can speak Spanish and English.

Mr. K's family (Child's age: 2nd grade, 5th grade)

​ The convenience of having after-school and private lessons at the same location makes it easy for me to start taking classes and I'm very happy with the way the class is going. It is a one-on-one lesson, so they can teach them what they don't understand right away. They says that after taking Spanish and English classes, they are able to speak better than before.

Reassurance that I can communicate in Japanese

Mr. I's family (children's ages: 3rd grade and 5th grade)

 This was their first time learning in Mexico, so neither parent nor child was worried about starting at MLS! The children were able to communicate in English and Spanish with the peace of mind that their Japanese is also understood. With the reassurance that Japanese is understood, the children were able to come into contact with English and Spanish, . When they started the lessons, she no longer appears reluctant to say, "I don't understand English," but now she says, "I want to know more. I want to study," . 

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